“A proper diagnosis must precede an effective prescription.”

When you have high utility bills and an uncomfortable house who do you call? The window salesman? The insulation guy? The HVAC contractor? Most subcontractors are trained in one specific aspect of home repair and can only recommend solutions from their area of expertise. We approach the house as a system, examining all the parts of that system and how they interact with each other. We are not tied to any specific trade and are not influenced by the need to sell any specific product. Any recommendation we make takes the whole house into account and emphasizes upgrades in a loading order that solves problems in the most effective way possible.

A simple definition of building science is the study of how heat, moisture and air move throughout a building structure. For example, on a cool day the warm air in a house will rise and try to escape through unseen holes in your ceiling. This upward movement will then pull damp, unhealthy air from the crawlspace up into the house. Another example is a leaky HVAC supply duct that depressurizes the home and causes the fireplace to backdraft and pull smoke into the living room. These scenarios and countless others play out everyday in your home. We use our knowledge of building science principles to solve these problems, and make your home a safer, healthier and more comfortable place for your family to live and play.

By tapping into our knowledge of building science you will reap many benefits...even temperatures throughout the house, elimination of mold sources, less dust, a quieter environment, better air quality, increased durability, reduced energy bills, and a smaller carbon footprint.

“Working with Ultimate Home Performance has been not only easy, but informative as well.”



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