"A proper diagnosis must precede an effective prescription."

Assessments & Services

We are a full service building performance contractor offering whole-house energy evaluations and upgrades. Our upgrades are designed specifically to increase the comfort and health of your home.

A whole-house approach looks at all the systems in your house and how they interact with each other. It's not the usual situation, where one trade contractor rarely thinks about how his work may affect what some other trade has done. In home performance contracting, we treat all the home's elements, from building shell to mechanical systems, as related pieces of one big puzzle. Our goal is to increase comfort, reduce energy costs, improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

The process starts with an evaluation of your home. In order to fully understand your home and how we can bring it to its highest level of functioning, we employ a full battery of tests and a careful analysis of its energy efficiency and comfort.

We use state of the art testing equipment to capture a detailed picture of how the various parts of your house are operating together. We call this "testing in." We are then able to make recommendations based on sound building science principles, rather than the claims of a specific product, or the limited scope of any particular building trade.

Suggested improvements can include insulation upgrades, duct replacements, air-sealing and much more. Every house is different. By assessing the house as a whole, we are able to take one-point responsibility for the way all the systems in the house will interact.

During the upgrade phase we will systematically apply the upgrades that make the most sense. After improvements have been made, we "test out" to confirm that we have met our goals. With this approach, homeowners get the benefit of one-stop shopping for a complete package of energy and comfort upgrades.

An upgraded home will cost less to heat and cool, feel more comfortable, and have an improved level of air quality.











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