"Working with Ultimate Home Performance has been not only easy and practical, but informative as well. After our initial assessment (which was thoroughly and politely performed) we saw our house no longer as an inanimate shell of wood, glass and metal but as a living system. Even after employing just the simplest of energy remedies - phantom power on our electronics - we saw a 20% decrease in our energy bills. Now that we have lit two of our rooms with Solatubes we feel even more inspired to continue on the path of efficiency spelled out in our report."

— Paul M.

"Ultimate Home Performance provided a diagnostic evaluation of our home's insulation and heating system, confirming what we already knew - the house was drafty, the heating system was inefficient, and heat varied from room to room. They also told us that they could fix all of these issues. The result of their work exceeded our expectations. The drafts are now gone, the heating system provides balanced heat throughout the house, and the entire house now heats up very quickly, requiring less time running the heater, and reducing our total energy consumption while making our house much more comfortable. Our experience throughout the process, from evaluation to execution was extremely positive, and the folks from UHP were professional, and courteous from beginning to end."

— Jill B.











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